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Midnite Dynamics and Associates have 30+ years of Global experience in developing and implementing management control systems for major Department of Defense programs required to comply with ANSI/EIA 748 EVMS.
Whether your need is: Targeted Earned Value Training or an immediate need to produce your periodic, yet critical CSDR's or an Actuals Interface or Custom Reporting or even long term support of Earned Value Tool Implementation and Support ⇒ Midnite Dynamics can provide highly experienced personnel to help make you successful.

C*CERT+ and the CoPlan/Flex File Requirements. Learn more...
Contractor Cost Data Report

C*CERT+ Testimonial

"...We use C*CERT+ to consolidate multiple contracts for our monthly CPR report. We use the Stoplight Analysis report in C*CERT+ to catch errors early in the monthly process. We always use the S/P/A Reports to check the Totals both against our Source EV System and after importing the C*CERT+ Consolidated Contract xml file into wInsight. C*CERT+ has made it so easy to bring together multiple Contracts and provide Consolidated data quickly.

We have a major program that will be using C*CERT+ as well since there is a CSDR requirement to Consolidate 23 CLINs into one report (1921 and 1921-1) and requires an Alternate Reporting WBS. This will result in significant savings for us since we had to utilize an outside vendor to prepare the CSDR in the past. Being able to use C*CERT+ for this major program is very important.

We have had zero issues with C*CERT+ and it is very easy to use and we love how easy the updates are to apply."

Cathy F.
Level 1 EV Manager
(Top 5 Defense Aerospace Company)

Simple Contractor Cost and Software Data Reporting
Data Consolidation:
Multiple Contracts ⇒ 1 Reporting Contract
S/P/A Reconciliation Reporting
CSDR Data and Compliance Validations
Graphical Data Analysis Reporting
Earned Value Data Consolidation
CCDR Excel, XML & cPET Reporting
Data Consolidation:
Multiple CLINs ⇒ 1 Reporting Contract
Requirements Analysis
S/P/A Data and Compliance Validation
Earned Value / IBR Support
Data Consolidation:
Multiple Task Orders ⇒ 1 Reporting Project
Custom Report / Interface Development
Earned Value Training / Tool Implementation
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