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Mergers and Acquisitions result in many programs consisting of multiple contracts; often required to be reported as ONE MASTER contract.

Often, due to Earned Value Software Systems changing, EV data is contained inconsistently across multiple EV Engines or even within the same EV Engine.

This turns the monthly reporting cycle into a highly complex, time-consuming, and costly operation.

Many times it is more efficient to manage a Programs Annual Funding and/or Funding by CLIN in separate Projects. Not only are CPR submittals often required for these separate Projects but also a Total Program CPR is required.

C*CERT+ streamlines the processing of all disparate EV data by consolidating and standardizing into one consolidated database.

Data Consolidation and Rollup is an automated part of the Extract, Transform and Load process which results in simplified:

  • Consolidated Cost Performance Reporting (CPR)
  • Consolidated Contractor Cost Data Reporting (CCDR)
  • Consolidated Contracts/Projects/CLINs/Task Orders Earned Value Data - from Multiple Sources (MPM, Cobra, SAP, wInsight, Subcontractor Data, etc...)

Consolidation Source Files

Consolidation of data automatically occurs during the Extract, Transform and Load process of both Legacy and Flex File source data

Legacy Source File Options

Flex File Source Option

Source File(s) selection

C*CERT+ provides a window Dialog allowing the selection of the folder where all the Source Files exist.

Multiple source files can be selected for the Extract, Transform and Load process.

Legacy XML File Option example

Flex File TXT Option example

Consolidated Analysis Reports

Consolidated Analysis Reports

Contract Summary Consolidated WBS Hierarchy
WBS Hierarchy by Selected Source File Indirect Add/Non Add Settings by Contract

Contract Summary Example

After the Extract, Transform and Load process is completed the Contract Summary provides a Portfolio View of all source files

Consolidated WBS Hierarchy Example

Consolidated WBS across all source files with Consolidated Data Rollup