C*CERT+ Overview

C*CERT+ is Midnite Dynamics's Flagship Product.

C*CERT+ focuses on resolutions for Industry Pain Points. Those processes/tasks that no other Industry Application does or wants to do.

C*CERT+ is an intuitive software application with a simple, attractive and powerful interface. C*CERT+ eliminates what otherwise is a manually intensive, resource draining, tedious and costly effort to produce the family of CCDR Reports.

The advantage of C*CERT+ is that it is the only autonomous software application that interfaces with your existing EVM and Accounting Systems; meaning you are not at the mercy of having to procure an additional, comprehensive EVM System just to produce the existing Legacy CCDR Reports, the new CCDR Flex File (JSON Files) or Consolidate separate CLIN/Task Order Projects for singular Contract Reporting.

Contractor Cost Data Report Data Consolidation Data Integrity
1921,1921-1,1921-2 and 1921-5 Multiple Contracts ⇒ 1 Contract 40+ CCDR Legacy compliance validations
Compliant Excel and XML outputs Multiple Projects ⇒ 1 Project or Contract 60+ CCDR Flex File compliance validations
cPET Excel Template outputs Multiple CLINs ⇒ 1 Project or Contract 10+ Flex File Data Analysis Reports
Cost Hour Flex File - JSON Multiple Task Orders ⇒ 1 Project or Contract Multiple Excel Analysis Outputs
1921-Q Flex File - JSON

Flex File Overview