40+ Combined Years A&D Industry Experience

40+ years of combined Global experience in developing and implementing software solutions for major Department of Defense programs required to comply with ANSI/EIA 748 EVMS

The leaders of Midnite Dynamics began their careers in the Aerospace and Defense Industry working at large contractors; eventually moving on to the small business that developed the State of Art software application: M*PM. They spent over 20+ combined years helping M*PM grow into the leading EVM Software application in the Industry.

Today: Midnite Dynamics is a very customer focused business; delivering reliable software solutions, training, implementation and technical support focusing on the Aerospace and Defense, NASA and Department of Energy requirements:

  • CSDR: DD 2794 Plan analysis; report creation; report submittal suport
  • IPMDAR: CDRL analysis; IPMDAR data validations; report submittal support
  • DOE PARS JSON DIQ checks; report submittal support
  • Custom Utilities/Reporting on demand


  • NDIA - Integrated Program Managment Division   
    • Member - CSDR Committee
    • Member - IPMDAR Committee
  • College of Performance Management