Figure 1 of 5: Following the recommended Legacy Workflow ensures simple, compliant CDRL submittals.

Figure 2 of 5: Summary level and WBS level Remarks.

Figure 3 of 5: 50+ Legacy Compliance Validations. Remarks can be entered directly into the validation module for anything that requires an explanation. A Datagrid with supporting source data which is driving the compliance trip is provided to help create the appropriate Remarks.

Figure 4 of 5: DD 2794 WBS Mappings. Identify Source Data Account costs to their respective DD 2794 WBS. Allocations are available across DD 2794 WBS Elements if necesssary.

Figure 5 of 5: Recurring/Non-Recurring and Functional Data Element (FDE) mappings. Utilizing the C*CERT+ FDE Mapping Rules process saves significant time and costs.