C*CERT+ streamlines, automates, validates and produces:
  • FlexFile Cost and Hour JSON files
  • FlexFile Quantity Data JSON files
  • Legacy DD 1921 series - Excel and XML
    (1921, 1921-1, 1921-2 and 1921-5)
  • Missile Defense Agency: FVCR
    (Fixed and Variable Cost Report)

Reproducible, Reliable and Sustainable CCDR Reporting
  • Eliminates manually intensive, tedius and costly effort
  • Frees up Valueable Resources
  • Eliminates recurring rejections
  • Consolidates, Allocates and Maps Source Data
  • Over 90 Data Validations checks ensures compliance
  • Prior vs Current Report Comparisons
  • Actual / Forecast Rate Analysis
Establishing a Consistent, Repeatable Process to Produce the CSDR Data Deliverables

For contractors new to the CSDR reporting requirements and in particular, the FlexFile JSON data encoding, can appear to be daunting.
That’s where C*CERT+ helps: assisting contractors with producing the CSDR data deliverables.

It is one thing to create the required legacy reports or FlexFile JSON files for submittal, it is another to pass the submittal validation process.
C*CERT+ provides numerous data validations and analysis reports to ensure the data is 100% compliant before it is submitted.

C*CERT+ includes a Validation and Remarks utility to analyze the source data details that could result in a Validation Trip.
Remarks can be entered directly into the validation module for anything that requires an explanation.

C*CERT+ interfaces with existing EVM cost tools and accounting systems to produce the existing legacy 1921 reports, the FlexFile, and other data submittals as well as to consolidate separate projects/CLINs/task orders into a single contract report.

Once the C*CERT+ Standard Category Mapping Rules are set up, they can be shared throughout the corporation or business unit to establish a standard and repeatable process for producing the data deliverables.

All Allocation and Mapping processes translate the contractor’s source data into the JSON outputs that matches the CSDR data submittal format rules.

This saves a tremendous amount of time, resulting in large Cost Savings, and makes it much easier to consistently produce the CSDR data deliverables across the Organization.