Best-In-Class DOD & NASA IPMDAR SPD and CPD Validations and Analysis

  • SPD and CPD Full FFS/DEI compliance checks
  • SPD vs CPD checks ensure Data Consistency and Compliance
  • SPD vs native Schedule file ensures Data Consistency
  • Local, quick turnaround, anytime analysis/results

  • Previous SPD vs Current SPD
  • Previous CPD vs Current CPD
  • Any CPD ouput to Excel Format 1 and/or 2
  • Direct Reporting Subcontrator: Mask Hours

C*SIV Differentiator's

  • All SPD and CPD IPMDAR Files can be ouput to an Excel Workbook for easy Human readable format
  • SPD, CPD and SPD vs CPD can all performed in one Validation execution
  • Singular IPMDAR File Validations can also be performed (e.g., CPD selection by itself)
  • Validations Performed on every JSON Table by JSON field within the selected IPMDAR file (s)
  • Initial Summary View at JSON Table Level by Validation Categories:   
  • CLICK - Drill Down capability by JSON table/JSON field using Validation Category icons
  • EVM-CR rules added in October 2023 are included in both SPD and CPD validations
  • Perform SPD vs Native Schedule File (p6, mpp) validation to catch last minute changes made in native Schedule File
Validation Configurations
  • Set Hour and Dollar Thresholds by Contract/Program
  • Set Number of Digits past Decimal: Hours and Dollars - by Contract/Program
  • Turn OFF Validation Executions that do not apply (e.g. Actual costs not in SPD)
  • Export and share Validation Execution Configurations throughout the Organization
Additional Differentiators: Reports/Utilities
  • Report: Any CPD output to Excel Format 1 and/or 2 configured by: WBS Level, Control Account, Work Package, Manager, OBS Level, CA/WP Custom Fields if exists
  • Report: CPD vs CPD: BCWS Compare, BCWP Compare, ACWP Compare
  • Report: EV Summary at Rolled up and Detail levels
  • Utility: Import EVM-CR JSON Log file for more human readable format
  • Utility: Direct Reporting Subcontractor required to submit to Prime: MASK HOURS
  • Utility: CDRL Requirement - Actuals Only. Adjustments made to ensure no Rejection when uploading to EVM-CR
  • Validation: SPD vs SPD: view changes from previous SPD vs current SPD
  • Validation: CPD vs CPD: view changes from previous CPD vs current CPD