Best In Class DOE PARS DIQ Checks and Analysis

  • Comprehensive DS00-DS07 Critical and Major validations in place
  • All Critical, Major and Minor Severity DIQ checks for DS00 - DS21 will be included as DOE rolls out these requirements
  • DIQ Execution Configurations: Manage which Dataset(s), DIQ UID(s) and Level of Severity are Executed by Program
  • Quickly filter Critical, Major and Minor results by Dataset
  • Local, Quick Turnaround, Anytime Results
C*SIV Benefits to DOE Contractors

  • Guaranteed JSON Schema compliance
  • Guaranteed latest Additions, Changes and Deletions to DIQ's implementation
  • Incremental, Anytime, Local validations. Why wait until the end of the month to upload data and see if it's compliant?
  • Run DIQ validations multiple times, any time throughout the month
  • Catch and immediately Fix descrepancies found based on incremental DIQ checks
  • Excecute DIQ checks on Cost, Schedule or Cost and Schedule together at any time
  • Execute against a single JSON Dataset (i.e., DS03) or a package of JSON Datasets (i.e., DS01, DS02 and DS03)
  • Select to Execute and Parse selected JSON Datasets out to an Excel Workbook for friendly Human Readable format
  • Configure what level of Severity to Execute. Don’t need review of Minor Severity items? – configure to ignore these DIQs during execution
  • Initial Summary View at JSON Table Level by Validation Categories:   
  • CLICK - Drill Down capability by JSON table/JSON field by Validation Category icon
  • All DIQ check results can be output to an Excel Workbook for further analysis
  • All DIQ results that do not pass Critical, Major or Minor Severity will highlight JSON Table, JSON Field, Field Value and Validation Details
  • Run Native Schedule File (p6, mpp) vs Schedule JSON Datasets validation: catch last minute changes to Native Schedule File
Validation Configurations
  • Manage which DIQs are Executed by: Program, Cost vs Schedule, Severity, JSON Datasets and DIQ UID
  • Export DIQ Configurations and share with others in the organization. DIQ Configurations are easy to export and import
  • Set Hour and Dollar Thresholds by Program
  • Set Number of Digits past Decimal: Hours and Dollars - by Program
Currently in Implementation
  • Validation: Previous JSON Cost Data vs Current JSON Cost Data
  • Validation: Previous JSON Schedule Data vs Current JSON Schedule Data
  • Report: JSON Cost Data output to Excel Format 1 and/or Format 2
  • Report: JSON Cost Data: EV Summary at Rolled up and Detail levels